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Decometa has been engineering and manufacturing several types of machines, vessels , heat exchangers, air cooled heat exchangers  and air cooled condensers for special needs in the chemical-, petrochemical- and metallurgical sector since 1953.

Within our 7000 m2 fabrication facility on our 30.000 m² site, we design and manufacture high quality metal constructions.

In reference to the sector of industrial process cooling , Decometa is a well known specialized manufacturer for tailor made solutions including the process design, the construction and the installation of the entire units.

Decometa has the capability of manufacturing all components of an air-cooled heat exchanger including the tube bundles, as well as its associated structures and mechanical equipment. DECOMETA has a complete top notch welding and weld cladding ( weld overlay and inlay ) capability, utilising the latest automated pulse T.I.G weld stations.

Decometa has a long experience in custom-made designs and manufacturing for various specific  industries such as:


petrochemical industry, steel and non-ferro industry, power-generation, nuclear-, conventional agriculture, waste processing industry


Decometa owns the licenses for the design and fabrication in accordance to

PED  Module H1 ,HPO.

Decometa is ISO 9001 :2015 certified

SCA ** ( Safety Check list Analyses)

Our business

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Industrial air coolers made by DECOMETA are used to condense and to cool down vaporous, gaseous and liquid flows for applications in the refining, petrochemical and related industries.on-shore and off-shore.


Within the sector of air-cooled heat exchange [ACHE] we design and manufacture ;

  • Forced and induced draft Fin Fan
  • Roof type (ACC) Fin-Fan condensers
  • Recirculation air-coolers
  • Hydrocarbon process and steam condensers
  • Natural gas and vapour coolers
  • Air coolers for Syngas ( H2 +CO)
  • Unique customizations.

All induced Fin-Fan aircoolers or condensers are designed and manufactured in house, and are supplied worldwide.

We have extended experience in :



  • Austenitic :            300 Series
  • Super Austenitic:  6Mo and 7Mo
  • Ferritic Austenitic :Duplex and Super Duplex


  • Nickel  200 - 201
  • Nickel based alloys
  • Monel ®, Inconel ®,
  • Incoloy ®, Hastelloy ®

  • CuNi 90/10 and 70/30
  • Titanium

CLAD MATERIALS : Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel substrates, clad with above materials , and of course all Carbon steel materials .

Download our company brochure 'Air cooled heat exchangers' (PDF)





Austenitic 300 Series, Urea and Nitric Acid grades

Super Austenitic 6Mo and 7Mo

Ferritic Austenitic All Duplex and Super Duplex Grades


Nickel                               200 - 201

Nickel based alloys             Monel ®, Inconel ®, Incoloy ®, Hastelloy ®

COPPER-NICKEL ALLOYS CuNi 90/10 and 70/30


CLAD MATERIALS Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel substrates, clad with above materials

Performance optimizing

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Air cooled heat exchangers can give reduced performance due to age, poor design, process and poor airside distribution, fouling, mechanical problems and many other factors.

Decometa provides a service for retrofitting , debottlenecking, upgrading or maximizing the performance. The cooling capacity of your AirFin cooler, or condensers can be boosted and optimized by our experienced heat transfer and mechanical engineers.

The skilled DECOMETA task force of engineering, production, and construction specialists stands ready to upgrade your air cooled heat exchangers, whether from DECOMETA or not .

Engineering /re-engineering will be done in accordance with customer requirements and industry standards such as ASME, API 661, AD2000, CODAP, Dutch Rules for pressure vessels and ISO standards.

A better understanding of the system’s functioning allows the end-user to make energy savings and the plant efficiency will be improved!



Bore Weld Cladding

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